Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I love UPS. It's never bad when he pulls up at your house. Just the other day I got a pair of winter boots and some sweet little baby stockings. Today, the pattern fairy, aka my mother-in-law, bestowed a dream gift.

Oh, drool!!

Here's a couple of my favorites. The pictures I took are a little blurry, sorry.

They will, of course, be for this little cutie.
(Hopefully while she can still wear them.)

This was taken on the 4th of July.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finally, some videos

These little snippets were taken back at the end of June. Needless to say, she has grown since then. I'll get this blog caught up to date one of these days.

Here is one of Goody playing in her gym. She especially likes the yellow lion, and can now pull him down far enough to get his foot in her mouth.

And here is Goody demomstrating the "tired and hungry baby cry." This is about as bad as the crying gets. It can be stopped instantly by talking to her or picking her up. She also throws in a little baby sign language--rubbing her eyes--in case you don't understand the crying!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm back!

Well, I've actually been back online since last week, but this morning, Goody decided to stay in bed after I got up! I thought I'd use that rare opportunity for a quick post.

I had hoped when I left that my first entry would be titled, "The House is Finally Done!" Unfortunately, it is still under construction, although we are down to a manageable list: the master bath needs the remaining half of its tile installed; the kitchen cabinets need to be built and installed; and the landscaping completed. Whew. We are so close. The house is awesome. Tim ran into a realtor at the grocery store who said he could have a buyer for it in a day, even though Tim told him we would ask $450K for it. The realtor didn't bat an eye. Of course, that's really made us consider selling...wouldn't you!?

Check this out...



I hadn't realized that I don't really have a total "After" shot. The porch is not totally finished here and there's still a ladder on the house. Check back to this post in a couple of days to see the real finished front. The screen door is so cool.

I'm sure you've all seen this photo of Goody by now, but it's my most recent favorite so I have to include it. She really does enjoy looking at books. Even at 12 weeks, which she is in this photo, she looks at the pictures very intently, and has started touching some of the images. I need to get her a touch-and-feel board book.

I really, really hate going to Walmart anymore. I prefer Target or Fred Meyer, but I have to admit that the Walmart photo center is cool. You can upload your photos there for friends and family to print or view. Much easier that trying to email 50 pictures. If you are not on my account and would like to view my photos, reply to this post and I will add you.