Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sleeping Babies

Not that I was happy for Goody to have been sick, but as I discussed with some other Moms, when babies are sick they revert to that super-cuddly or super-needy (depending on the caregiver's state of the mind at the moment) stage like when we still counted their ages in weeks. Here's one of Goody demonstrating the rare "asleep on Daddy's chest" technique.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Developmental Milestones

Okay, so these are probably not the milestones that your pediatrician is looking for, but they sure are cute ones. Goody has learned to 1)walk, 2)kiss, and 3)follow commands. The walking part she's been working on for a while now. She got a walker from her Mama and Papa at Christmas, and she loves to push it around the house. But last Wednesday, I was picking her up from the baby sitter, and while I gathered her things I put her down and she was standing there dancing (she loves music, by the way) and then just decided to go. She took about 10 steps before she fell down. SO CUTE!! I don't have a picture of her walking yet (and Daddy has the camera--he's in Haines, Alaska which I will post about next week) but here's a shot of her at her bookshelf. You can see she has no need to hold on to anything but the books!

For milestone number 2, last week she learned to give me a kiss. Daddy kisses took another couple of days. They are typically sort of open-mouth as we are still working on how to make kissy lips. Here she is kissing Spike (Snoopy's brother, part of the collection I had as a child).

And #3, following commands, is equally fun. I only just realized that she does for sure have language comprehension. You can tell her: give me a kiss, where's Rupert (she looks for him), come here, stand up, arms up, where's my nose (she touches it, sometimes not so gently), where's my lips, say bye or hi (comes with a wave and sometimes she says hi or bye), or throw it (either the ball or a toy for Rupert). She's learning so fast! Here she is waving Hi to Daddy while he was out trying to speed along spring in the back yard.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We've survived.

Well we are finally winding down a month of sickness. Tim is finally better, after having a string of illnesses ranging from sinus infections to norovirus back to a cold. Poor guy. And Goody didn't fare much better, as you see in the previous post. She's just winding up a cold now as well. I've still got a hacking cough, but I'm not totally debilitated.

I still can't get my camera to unload. What a pain. Most of my few spare "computer minutes" have been wasted trying to get the blasted thing to work. When you pay that much for a little plastic and trace metal box, you expect it to work properly for oh, I don't know, at least more the 3 months!!!

Anyway, Goody is awesome and has some new skills. I won't tell you more until I have pictures to prove it. I love her teeth. Although I think she may have an underbite. Nothing serious, it will probably go away when her top teeth come all the way in. Meanwhile, it is cute!