Thursday, March 20, 2008

We've survived.

Well we are finally winding down a month of sickness. Tim is finally better, after having a string of illnesses ranging from sinus infections to norovirus back to a cold. Poor guy. And Goody didn't fare much better, as you see in the previous post. She's just winding up a cold now as well. I've still got a hacking cough, but I'm not totally debilitated.

I still can't get my camera to unload. What a pain. Most of my few spare "computer minutes" have been wasted trying to get the blasted thing to work. When you pay that much for a little plastic and trace metal box, you expect it to work properly for oh, I don't know, at least more the 3 months!!!

Anyway, Goody is awesome and has some new skills. I won't tell you more until I have pictures to prove it. I love her teeth. Although I think she may have an underbite. Nothing serious, it will probably go away when her top teeth come all the way in. Meanwhile, it is cute!

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