Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Never too many baby blankets.

Or so I am told. I figured blankets would be a fun thing to make, and as both flannel and cotton were on sale not so long ago, I picked up a few yards. I love it when my projects turn out how I have them pictured in my head. So here's the ones I've made so far. I finally managed to finish them now that I am not totally wiped out by a cold, and have actually had a couple of days off work. I consider it a day "off" if I have spent less than 2 hours at work or on work-related items.

My friend Alicia inspired me to put this white satin binding on this one. The hearts fabric is flannel and the dot is cotton. Check out the detail on that binding, probably the best I've ever done!

The baby ball fringe trim on this one came as an afterthought. On the way out of the thread section, I had to go down the trim aisle to get out of the store and I jokingly considered adding the traditional ball fringe when I spotted this ultra-cute baby version in just the right color! The bird/flower print is flannel and the vine print is cotton.

Of course, it was way harder than I thought it would be to get that teeny fringe in just the right place. I guess that's what seam rippers are for!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Your blankets are beautiful...I will stop buying you anymore.

I love the bird fabric...Goody will be the best dressed baby around!