Sunday, February 4, 2007

SuperBowl "Kick-Off"

This morning after breakfast, I experience something new. Goody was moving around, and I noticed I could see where the movements were. So I pressed there, and surprise! she tried to kick my hand off. This is really the first actual interaction we've had. So cute. I tried to get Tim in on the fun, but every time he came over she stopped moving (of course). It is so strange to feel that little foot in there. A real baby part!

A couple of days ago, I came across a picture of my pregnant friend's belly. She's 3 weeks (4?) behind me & having a little baby boy. Anyway, her belly was the epitomy of pregnant bellies and it inspired me to go ahead and take one of my own. Here it is, stretch marks and all:

If she is willing, I'll post a picture of my friend's belly, too. It's really interesting to see the old wives' tale of a boy carries low and a girl high, right next to each other.

Here's a site of expecting mother's bodies, so you can see that all pregnant bellies are beautiful in their own respect!

Added 2/7/07: Here is a site that shows what happens to women's bodies after pregnancy. It includes many, many pictures of breasts. I happen to believe that the breasts are just as beautiful a change as the bellies in pregnancy, but apparently all do not share my reverence for the beauty of the human body.

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Theresa said...

"Demi Moore" doesn't have anything on you...

I am sure you will ge glad you have this picture. Thanks for posting it...too many miles away for us to get to witness all of your changes...

I like the black and white pictures on that website you suggested. Take care and keep posting.