Friday, April 6, 2007


At my appointment with the midwife yesterday, all was well. My blood pressure was fine, glucose and protein both fine, and no excessive weight gain (just 1 pound). Goody's heart rate was just where is should be--in the 150's, and she had good placental reserves. I guess the tell this by pushing her around while listening to her heart rate; if it goes up, good. I was reassured that she is not a "big" baby, and that I have a roomy pelvis. So she is not at all concerned that Goody is still at station -3. She probably will not engage in the pelvis until just before birth. Which, by the way, could be any day now. The midwife asked if I wanted to be checked, and of course I just had to know. The exams don't bother me at all, though I have heard people complain that it is painful. Maybe the hypnobabies working? Anyhow, she said "Wow! You're cervix is really stretchy." So I am now about 70-75% effaced and just a little below 3 cm dilated. Crazy. I've read birth stories where people go into the hospital in labor and are only 3 cm dilated. I think even Tracy did that once. And so far, I have not felt a THING! Anyway, now I am a little worried that I won't realize how far along I am and the ride to the birth center could end up being a little nerve wracking. I told the midwife about Nicole's first birth, and she suggested that if I even think I am in labor to call them. They live here in town and could just swing by the house and check me. Whew!

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