Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun with Swaps

On my favorite crafting forum, Craftster, I have become addicted to swaps. It's just what it sounds like: someone organizes a swap with a specific theme, you sign up and are paired with a partner, and you swap crafted items. Fun! So far I've done a pincushion swap and an embellished onesies swap. I'm in the process of a fall scarf swap. My pincushion swap partner was from England. See the picture of the pincushion I sent to her. Here are some photos of the onesies I made to send to my swap partner in Virginia:

Check out the ones I received from my partner. It's really fun, and keeps me occupied with activities other than TV watching.

And of course, what is a post without a picture of Goody? You can just barely see her two teeth!

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