Monday, November 19, 2007

A whole month?

Not too long ago, I mentioned to Tim that I hope the rest of our lives don't go by as fast as the last 8 months have. Sitting down to post to my blog, however, has clued me in to the fact that it is certainly going to. Last post was October 24??? How on earth did it go by so fast?

To say I've been "busy" is sort of a joke. Here's a brief summary:

1. hosted Tim's family for a week (which had its own surprises):

2. traveled to Mississippi with a 7 month-old baby:

3. went to Seattle for a meeting.

4. cleaned the house for an appraisal:

5. cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 12 or so people.

6. cooked Tim's birthday dinner for 12 or so other people.

7. hosted a baby shower.

All this plus I worked 40 hours a week, have a baby that crawls wherever she wants, watched someone else's baby along with Goody on one of my days off (ha!), and you might guess I'm a little worn out. Not too much crafting going on here, which kills me because Christmas is coming up and I had really hoped to craft some hand-made gifts. Maybe I should just start on next year's and I might actually have a doable deadline.

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w&jreport said...

I'm not sure just how you're making it - you didn't mention the full time job. I will never forget the difficulties that I had along with the disappointments. We do thank you so much!!

I'm wondering about the appraisal - I thought that had already been done.