Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So much for that!

Uh, please disregard my last post for just a minute. I experienced some technical difficulties getting the new pictures onto my computer. My Sony Cybershot is a great little camera; however, if I hadn't been in such a rush (long story about a shopping spree paid for by my employer), I would have done a little more research. Most notable, the software that comes with the camera totally sucks and I just had to unload the images (400+) one by one with the Microsoft camera wizard. Super awesome.

Anyway, the pictures are finally unloaded. All the way back to Christmas. I am tempted to post the most recent ones, of course, but I think I will just play catch-up and you all out there will have to wait to see the little Goody's new horse teeth.

Ok. ok. I can't do it. Here's a little teaser of Miss Toothsome, just as her new front teeth were coming in:
Now, let's rewind a bit...all the way back to Christmas. Goody enjoyed the presents (especially the ribbons and paper).

Everyone had a good time and learned new things like waving...

And shoveling snow...

And we all played and giggled and played...

Until we were so tired we could barely keep our eyes open.

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