Sunday, April 27, 2008

Update for the sake of update.

Not really much to report on these days. Just working and watching the baby. Now that Tim is back at an official job, the baby juggle has reached monumental levels. We also recently found out we are losing our baby sitter, who watches Goody for just 4 hours, twice per week. And since we live in such a small town, we still haven't been able to find a replacement. The trials of having a baby!

I've been diligently watching the price of airfare to JAN since December, and much to my dismay, it only keeps getting higher. We're still coming, even if it means we have to sell one of the dogs (jsut kidding...they're priceless). Especially since now, Misha lets Goody "ride" her. All I have to do is sing "Ride a little Misha down to town..." and Goody goes over and sits on her. So cute!

Little girl is walking all over the place now. On Tuesday, she decided "Hey, I can do this!" and now just motors around the house and yard and wherever!

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