Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Dress for a Little Girl

Our long-time friend Brad was married back at the beginning of September. Tim was one of the best men (Brad wanted all three groomsmen to be called best men) and looked so handsome in his tuxedo. So, of course, I thought Goody should look extra cute in a special Mama-made dress. I used a pattern that Tim's mother so graciously let me have. I love, love these vintage patterns. I will sometimes just sit and look at them all (I think I posted about this before). I photo-copied this pattern before using; it was already cut out and seemed so delicate, I couldn't imagine sticking pins through it.

It turned out great! I joke that the dress was built around the shoes, but I guess it isn't much of a joke. I loved the little orange shoes Nicole helped me find (at Williamsville, of course) so much I shopped for fabric based on 2 criteria: must match the shoes, and must match the baby's blue eyes. Those shoes were a hit at the wedding; when people realized her shoes were squeaking they would go totally nuts over it; and it didn't take Goody long to realize it either!

I found this Tracy Porter fabric at Joann's, 40% off with my coupon of course. It looks much more baby blue in real life. Here's a super crappy picture of it (after it was worn, of course):

I didn't take my camera to the wedding. It was all I could do to get home from work, get me and the baby dressed, and get to the wedding before it started! The wedding photographer did get a couple of really nice shots of Goody at the wedding, which was held at the beautiful Ohme Gardens. I'll be ordering some of those prints--along with some shots of Tim in his tux (when will I see that again?) and will post them then.

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