Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another "Missed" Halloween

Halloweed used to be my favorite of all holiday. I loved to go over the top with my costumes, spending hundreds of hours and unbudgeted amounts of dollars on my costumes. However, this will mark the 3rd one in a row without a costume of festivities of any kind for me (I take that back, the wonderful husband did organize a pumpkin carving party, so we did have jack-o-lanterns). In 2006, I was pregnant and probably throwing up. Last year, Goody was too young and we just weren't up to it. And this year, Goody came home from her baby sitter throwing up. I gave her a bath and showed her the unicorn costume and she wanted to wear it, so I let her. She was awake for about 10 minutes after I put it on, but she would NOT allow me to remove it or even unzip it a little. Here she is, proof that unicorns are magical, indeed.

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