Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The first baby dress is finished! After many, many hours trying to learn how to use my new serger, I decided just to dive in. This dress is made using McCall's 5166. Or at least that's how it started. At some point I decided that just having the bodice lined wasn't good enough. So I wanted the whole dress lined. And then, of course, if the dress was going to be completely lined, it might as well be reversable. So here you go.

I made this entirely from "Why did I buy that?" fabrics in my stash. Of course, that was the only box I had access to out of the storage building. I can see the other boxes (the purse fabrics, quilt fabrics, and other waiting-for-a-special-use fabrics) way back in the farthest corner. But I can't get to them.


Theresa said...

Love your company name and first baby dress....Think you are on to something!

Laurie said...

How cute is that. I love it!!! I want to learn how to do smocking so I can get ready for our first grandbaby, whenever that is...
Elizabeth is going to have a baby in September.
Thanks for sending me the website I look forward to updates now and after the baby comes.
Hope all is well with you and Tim..