Thursday, January 25, 2007

Totally Hypnotized...

I've been thinking about HypnoBabies a lot these days. Mostly because I have gotten a little behind on the course I scheduled for myself, as I am likely the worst procrastinator I know. Anyway, I've really been itching to watch some hypnosis births, and came across this video segment from dateline. I think I'll get Tim to watch it tonight.

I want to tell all the pregnant women I know about HypnoBabies, and that they should use it. But for some reason, I just can't. I feel like I am trying to convert them to a new religion or something along those lines. Maybe after I have been through the birth and know it works firsthand things will be different. It's like handing out a recipe for the best cookies ever when you've never made the cookies yourself.

I really do believe it will work. I am actually suprised at the number of people who tell me I am crazy for not wanting drugs for labor. Even--this totally baffles me--from women (and men) who have no children and who have never attended a birth. Seems to me like maybe people need to change how they view childbirth. What about all those stories of women giving birth in fields and then going right back to work?

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