Sunday, January 21, 2007

Update on Baby

Sorry it's been a couple days since I've been able to post. As a manager, I get to fill in for sick employees. Unlucky for me, this time it was at our satellite office, that runs opposite hours from my normal office. So I had a couple of 10 & 12 hours days of good, clean office fun.

Anyway, on Thursday I had my monthly check-up with the midwife. For those of you who don't already know, I'm planning to birth outside of the hospital at a midwife-led birthing center. It's basically like having the baby at home, but since it is in Wenatchee it's closer to the hospital than we are here at home, just in case. I'm also planning a natural childbirth, no drugs, no IV's, not constant fetal monitoring. And I'll be using the Hypnobabies self-hypnosis method during the birth. I'll definitely do a post soon regarding what I think about Hypnobabies so far for those of you who are interested.

The baby is doing fine. I'm still measuring a little large for my dates, but the gap is starting to narrow a bit, so I am less concerned about a 14 pound baby than I was a month ago. She's probably still gonna be a big one, since Tim was. And yes, I do look pregnant:

I'm off to Seattle for a couple of days for a meeting. I really wish I didn't have to, as I have many, many projects to finish before she is born. At least I will get to go to Whole Foods, my favorite grocery store ever! I was thinking about it yesterday and I only have 12 weekends now before I have a baby. That leaves only 11 weekends to get these projects done. I'm taking a pattern to Seattle with me to cut out in the hotel room. Hopefully by Friday I'll have it done. If it turns out as cute as I think, it may be the going home outfit.

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Theresa said...

Yes you do look like you are expecting...and 11 weekends will be here before you know it...keep posting coming...