Monday, March 5, 2007

Progress on the house

This is the back view of the house. Note the position of the laundry room door. It is in the same spot, so you can see the house is much wider than before. And the French doors open into the dining room. In fact, if you open the french doors, it will create a breezeway through the entire first floor, directly across to the front door. We really like that idea, sort of homage to old Mississippi architecture. Plus, not a bad feature as most houses here, including this one, do not have air conditioning.
To the left of the new back porch, you can see a new, small window. That is the window over the jetted tub in the new master bathroom. I can't wait!
By the way, the siding is not going to stay that color, although really it doesn't look so bad. Tim wants it to be an olive green, while I think that is too dark and "army colors" with the brown trim. I'm totally down for green, just a lighter shade like celery or sage. I also like the idea of federal blue. We're going to have to discuss it a little more.
Soon, the siding will be done around the front of the house. I'll post more pictures then. I have some photos of the inside of the house, but they are a little scary to post, knowing that the house is supposed to be done by the end of April (was December, then February, then March).

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