Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Iron is up!

In a rash of seemingly bad news (time extensions, insurance coverage issues, etc), I finally got some good news. Not perfect, but good nonetheless. My hematocrit levels are on the rise. I went from 22 to 29.1. I just need to get that above 30 in the next week and a half to be able to birth at the birthing center, and to be considered in the "normal" hematocrit range. So we are now adding a 3rd type of iron to my dosage.

Here's my regamin now:
  • Prenatal vitamin, Vitamin E, Metformin
  • 2 doses of Iron Citrate, taken with Vitamin C
  • Other iron supplement (?), B12, folic acid

Here's the clincher: I can only take the iron doses either one hour before or two hours after eating. Think about that for a second. Now add in that I'm 35 weeks pregnant and hungry all the time. No fair! Oh yeah, and the iron doses are taken with a delicious tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I have the option of taking the vinegar either plain or stirred into orange juice. Yum!

And update on the baby: she was curled up in a little ball at my midwife's appointment on Thursday, so we couldn't get an accurate size guess. Next try will be March 15th.


X-cel Dental Labs said...

I am glad to hear your blood count is up!...But I hate you have to take so much terrible tasting stuff. Wow on your house....can't wait to see the inside...doggies look like they are loving to play outside...even if their feets are cold!
I am mailing out three boxes to you today.

Love ya, can't wait until next month!

Polly said...

Great work.