Sunday, March 18, 2007

Now we have a front door!

I always hated the front door that came with our house. This one is awesome. We orginally wanted for Tim to build a giant door with 2 sidelights, but time contraints forced us to look for a ready-made one. We found this set at 2 different liquidation stores, oddly enough. It is the same style door we would have built ourselves, with the added bonus of a nice stained glass insert, which I doubt we would've been able to afford. Anyway, the door and sidelight were at the liquidation stores because they had been milled too short. So Tim just bought some more mahogany (did I mention the door is mahogany?) and added some to the bottom. Viola! We now have a door tall enough for Tim to use without hitting his head!

I took a detail photo of the stained glass but it came out blurry. I may try again soon, but for now, it's a lotus branch the starts in the sidelight and carries over in the the door. Probably not the exact colors we would've chosen, but it does look nice. Click on the photo to bring up a larger version that will allow you to see the branch. Basically, thanks to Tim's excellent woodworking skills, we ended up with a door that would've cost thousands of dollars for about 400. I can't wait until the rest of the house is done! The siding is complete, and today Tim is putting the cedar shakes in the eaves. It is really coming together and will be such a nice house when we are done.

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