Friday, March 23, 2007

Progression of Pregnancy

Well, yesterday was my weekly appointment with the midwife. I had my blood re-drawn to make sure I've made it over the required 30 count for hemoglobin. Fingers crossed. I'll be super bummed if I don't make it, as I really really do not want a hospital birth. Not to mention all that heartburn for nothing (well, not nothing since the baby does need iron, after all)! I should have an answer on that by Monday.

Goody is still in her favorite position, head down and on my right side. I was worried about sunny-side up as I have an anterior placenta, but everything looks perfect so far! And of course, I forgot again to get an estimate of her size. Secretly, I must not want to know.

Internally, I am now 1 cm dilated and 65% effaced. She is at station -3, so it looks like birth is probably NOT immenent in the next 2 weeks as she hasn't really "dropped" into my pelvis. But she would'nt give me a definite on that, because really there are no definites when it comes to childbirth. She said she's seen women stay at 1 cm for 4 or 5 weeks, and some as little as a few days. It all depends! But she said the effacement and softness of my cervix was a great sign, as these are often hold-ups in labor. Anything that makes labor quick, I'm all for. Of course, not so quick that we can't make the 30 minute drive to Wenatchee...

Here is a link that explains what all this means.

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